cropped-cropped-farnham_guitar_lessons_logo_black.pngHere’s some of the kit I use and recommend.

This is a high quality good value guitar perfect to begin learning on.
Capos allow you to play your guitar in different keys by using the same chord shapes you already know but shifting them up the neck to increase the pitch. This Shubb capo is a nice solid design that should last and won’t damage your guitar.
This is a great set of acoustic guitar strings at a good price.
This is a great set of electric guitar strings at a good price.

Here are some books that I use all the time and thoroughly recommend.

 This is great book to enable you to be strumming your favourite songs, quickly and easily.
If you’re interested in getting started on acoustic guitar, and learning the basics, this is a great book.  This book covers open chords with strumming patterns, and finger picking patterns, with some classic tunes.
I have personally taken these grades, and I’ve taught from them for the last six years and I think they are an amazing way to push yourself in electric guitar playing.  Learning different styles from rock, metal, jazz and funk. These newly issued grade books are a great way forward for contemporary guitar playing.
If you’re looking to push yourself on acoustic guitar playing then the RGT acoustic guitar grades books are great. Covering chords, scales, strumming finger picking exercises, and classic songs.