Trish // Farnham

‘Having taken early retirement I needed a new & exciting challenge that would keep my mind focussed. Laura provides that and so much more. She takes the lead from me & the kind of music I show an interest in. Laura is calm, encouraging & we have a lot of fun. It’s a wonderful new hobby & I look forward to my lessons enormously.’

Trish, Farnham

Corin // Headley

“I can’t recommend Laura of Farnham Guitars highly enough; she makes learning lots of fun, whilst being endlessly patient (even through my stressy ‘why can’t I do this?’ moments!).  For a complete beginner like me, Laura has made my weekly lesson something to look forward to, relevant to what I would like to achieve and is very realistic about the work/life balance.”

Corin, Headley

Hollie // Farnham

“Laura has been my guitar teacher for two years. She is a very talented guitarist and teaches in a steady pace and a gentle approach. When I first started having lessons with Laura, I was able to start playings songs I know and loved from the word go, even though I had never played the guitar before and had no idea where to start.

Laura has been very supportive and patient, preparing me excellently for my exams; making sure I felt ready and I was comfortable with everything I would be expected to do.

She has been a great, encouraging teacher who is a really kind and fun person”

Hollie, Farnham

Lorna // Farnham

“I would recommend Laura to anyone who is looking for a talented teacher who can not only teach all aspects of guitar playing, but makes it enjoyable and interesting to learn, at the same time.  My son (age 12) has been having lessons for a year now and made really good progress and enjoys the lessons…”

Lorna, Farnham

Sarah // Farnham

“I started learning the guitar 10 months ago after years of thinking about it.  I am so pleased with the progress made in this time.  Laura is great to work with – with her help I was able to pass my grade one with flying colours after just 6 months and I am now very much looking forward to the challenge of grade 2.  Laura is a very knowledgeable and highly qualified musician and I have absolute confidence in the techniques and theory being taught. She makes the lessons enjoyable  and varied covering a range of musical styles – ones that she knows I will like but also some that are new to me to demonstrate various techniques/sounds.  She goes at just the right pace for me – enough to stretch my skills and interest but not to overwhelm – a pace that I feel comfortable with and can keep up with.
I am so pleased that I finally took up the guitar and have found an excellent teacher and am very much enjoying my musical journey”.

Sarah, Farnham

Anne // Elstead

I can highly recommend Laura.  My teenage daughter has been learning guitar with Laura for less than a year, she has thoroughly enjoyed weekly lessons and been motivated to do lots of practice, hence made great progress.  Laura quickly got to know the sort of things my daughter wanted to play and  she has helped and encouraged her.  She is learning tab, experimenting with acoustic and electric guitar, learning different techniques and tackling a wide variety of music.  Laura has tailored the lessons to my daughters’s interest and we could not be happier .

Anne, Elstead

S.E.Riordan Jewellers // Fleet

Laura is a really great teacher! She makes the effort to come to our work in Fleet once a week to teach us songs that we love. We have the privilege of winding down and enjoying playing guitar after a stressful or busy day at work. Her enthusiasm for music and instruments really shows in her teaching and playing. She’s extremely reliable, flexible, patient, and fun and has given us many chances to rock out even though we are beginners! Laura adapts each lesson to our level, and to suit us and our tastes. She encourages us to play music together as a group and to try different instruments. She makes us feel very comfortable and when we are struggling she will jump in and play along, she’ll give us great tips and pointers on how to improve and practise which really help. We started lessons with Laura in January 2015 and we look forward to many more! We recommend Laura.

S.E.Riordan Jewellers, Fleet

Tom // Farnham

Laura is an excellent teacher.  She brings a wonderful energy to the lessons and she has a great way of playing alongside me so we play together rather than me feeling like I have to play for her.  Laura has really helped me diversify my music and she encourages me to share my music whenever possible as at the end of the day that’s what it’s really about. I have learnt a variety of skills and enjoy working through the grades.  Laura will help me with whatever I want to work on each week, so if I have a performance coming up at school she will help me get up to speed.  Laura is good at spotting the bits of guitar playing that I tend to neglect. She turns up for my lessons with different types of guitar to develop my skills in these areas.  This approach has helped me to diversify my playing.  She has a very creative approach so learning is fun as well as challenging and interesting.  I really recommend her as a teacher.  Recently we went to see her perform with her band, Parachute for Gordo, at the West End Centre, Aldershot.  It was an amazing gig, really inspiring, and I had a go at the open mic which was a first.  I have been having lessons with her for about one year and look forward to lots more.

Tom, Farnham 


Darryl // Farnham

My interest in music coincided with the arrival of the great groups of the mid to late 60s.  I always wanted to be able to play the guitar like Hendrix, Clapton, Zappa and  Santana but never got around to buying one. Now many years older and having the opportunity I decided it was time to learn.

I phoned Laura and she immediately arranged a lesson.  Since that first phone call it has always been easy to contact Laura by telephone, text or email and she always responds quickly.

During my time with Laura I have learned more chords than I thought existed, and have been able to strum along in my own unique way to many a song.  She has also taught me some theory which makes it more interesting when learning new tunes. The pace of the lesson has always been aligned with my ability on the day.If anyone wants to learn to play the guitar I would recommend that they contact Laura first as I doubt they would regret it.

Laura has a great deal of patience – which is just as well for me. Her interactive method of teaching and the encouragement she gives makes it a comfortable learning experience.

Darryl, Farnham


Steve // Guildford

We were looking for a change in approach for our daughter who was struggling with her classical guitar tutor at school and were particularly keen to find a female teacher to engage and motivate her. Laura has been teaching Caitlin out of school and has transformed her level of engagement, motivation and achievement.

Laura’s variety when it comes to her tutoring, including more contemporary styles, has been key to capturing our daughter’s interest. Laura has a gentle, yet fun and engaging approach to her tutoring and, as an active local musician, is an excellent role model for our daughter.

Steve, Guildford