I have always wanted to play guitar and now in my forties finally decided to get lessons, when my work colleague told me about his friend Laura, the FemaleGuitarTeacher. I had lessons when I was younger on a number of different instruments and teachers had singularly failed to inspire me.  I came to Laura without much of an idea about how to proceed and with a guitar I bought for £35 in Argos. I had been playing (badly) covers of songs I liked and at first continued with Laura but she was soon perceptive enough to see this wasn’t enough. She knew where to go even if I didn’t. I needed to understand the theory as well as practice and I have now been working towards my Grade 2. I also needed a better guitar!

Laura is a professional musician with mountains of experience and as well as providing the string wizadry  in her own band Parachutes for Gordot, she always has musical projects on the go it seems. It’s less like having guitar lessons, more like a language course with some psychology thrown in: music to Laura is another language to express yourself , and I feel I am unearthing new treasures every time I have a lesson.  I ask lots of questions and Laura is always there with an answer. She is patient and encouraging, relaxed about my progress but always providing that gentle push and encouragement towards achieving the goals I have now set myself which thanks to Laura seem achievable and realistic.  Lessons are always fun and I come away feeling inspired and encouraged. My goal has been working towards playing open mike and after a year I’m nearly there! Eventually I want to write my own songs, and again with Laura’s encouragement feel this is achievable.

I have no hesitation in recommending Laura whatever you want to do with your guitar. Once you you are in her capable hands you will be surprised what you can do.

Jim, Chiddingfold

Our 14 year old has been taking acoustic guitar lessons with Laura for just over a year and we are delighted with how well she has progressed. As well as building technique and theory into sessions, Laura has worked closely to find out what music she likes and has tailored lessons to her, including learning some of her favourite songs.

Laura supported our desire not to go down the exam route initially, instead focusing of developing skills and enjoyment of playing without any added pressure. After a while she suggested that as a focus, she may like to work towards a performance. This she did and played a set of 4 songs to family, with videos provided by Laura projected onto a wall in our lounge. She is now working towards her first acoustic exam.

Laura is professional, encouraging, extremely organised and also has a friendly and relaxed manner. As a practicing musician too she is inspiring and highly knowledgeable. We would have no hesitation recommending her classes to anyone who wants to start guitar or fine tune their skills.

Ginny & Rod, Aldershot

After many years wanting to be able to play and having had a guitar given to me as a Christmas present I had a go at teaching myself, how hard can it be? After a couple of months a colleague recommended Laura as someone he thought could help.

After the first lesson I haven’t looked back. Laura is patient, encouraging, understanding and, when required, demanding in just the right amounts with a wry sense of humour to help move things along. I explained what my long term ambition is and Laura structures the lessons towards each goal and sets practice areas between lessons.

If there are any frustrations it is only with me at not practicing enough and not rewarding her lessons with more progress; but if it was easy anyone could do it.

Whatever your ability or whatever your goals are with regard to playing your guitar I would recommend Laura in a heartbeat, or is that a dotted crotchet, I’m sure I will have to find out.

Gary, Aldershot

I really enjoy my sessions with Laura. I come away enthused, confident and looking forward to my next guitar lesson! I had never had music lessons of any kind before but was given a set of guitar lessons for my birthday and I have kept them up ever since. Laura is a young, talented musician and this comes across in her approach to teaching, we use modern technology (You Tube, music apps, etc.), up to date songs and discuss all aspects of music as well as the theory.

Laura works in the music industry and is in a successful band, both of which add to her credibility as an inspiring guitar teacher.

Linda from Alton

As a middle aged (but young at heart!) female looking to start learning the guitar from scratch I knew I would need a very understanding and approachable teacher and I am very pleased to say that I have found that in Laura.

Laura takes the time to understand what you want to achieve and helps you get there in an enthusiastic and encouraging way. She takes it in her stride if I haven’t had quite enough time to practice enough between lessons or if I am struggling with something. She will always look at different ways to approach something if I just can’t get my poor brain to understand it!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Laura to anyone looking to realise their dream of being able to play a recognisable song on the guitar.

Kate form Farnham

Laura is a great teacher – I have learnt more with her in a short period of time than with other teachers. I like her easy manner and the way she integrates a bit of theory with the practical. She gives me confidence and gets me playing music that I might not have tackled on my own. I highly recommend her

Fiona from Camberley

I turned 40 and decided I wanted to play the guitar, I have no musical ability or musical background but Laura is fantastic.

My lessons have been stimulating, varied, achievable and enjoyable. Laura tailored her lessons to me and always sets achievable goals. She remains enthusiastic even when it must be hard with a complete novice.

Laura is versatile and flexible for sessions. It’s also so convenient as she comes to me.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Laura as a teacher, she’s simply inspiring. Her relaxed, patient but firm manner allows lessons to be fun, creating a good learning atmosphere. The hour just goes too quick. A great birthday present.

Liza from North Camp

A very tolerant teacher who puts up with my many and various mistakes and inability to count to four.
Laura is gently leading me to be able to play some recognisable songs, both electric and acoustic, and to have a sound knowledge of the way it all works.
The lessons are always fun and enjoyable if sometimes a little discordant but I get there in the end.
She is also very flexible and able to accommodate  my sometimes erratic availability.

Clive from Godalming

We were looking for a change in approach for our daughter who was struggling with her classical guitar tutor at school and were particularly keen to find a female teacher to engage and motivate her. Laura has been teaching Caitlin out of school and has transformed her level of engagement, motivation and achievement.

Laura’s variety when it comes to her tutoring, including more contemporary styles, has been key to capturing our daughter’s interest. Laura has a gentle, yet fun and engaging approach to her tutoring and, as an active local musician, is an excellent role model for our daughter.

Steve from Guildford

My interest in music coincided with the arrival of the great groups of the mid to late 60s.  I always wanted to be able to play the guitar like Hendrix, Clapton, Zappa and  Santana but never got around to buying one. Now many years older and having the opportunity I decided it was time to learn.

I phoned Laura and she immediately arranged a lesson.  Since that first phone call it has always been easy to contact Laura by telephone, text or email and she always responds quickly.

During my time with Laura I have learned more chords than I thought existed, and have been able to strum along in my own unique way to many a song.  She has also taught me some theory which makes it more interesting when learning new tunes. The pace of the lesson has always been aligned with my ability on the day.If anyone wants to learn to play the guitar I would recommend that they contact Laura first as I doubt they would regret it.

Laura has a great deal of patience – which is just as well for me. Her interactive method of teaching and the encouragement she gives makes it a comfortable learning experience.

Darryl from Farnham

I was looking for a hobby and used to play guitar (badly) at Uni. I wanted to retrain the right way!

Since starting lessons, I have learnt all the basic chords, different strumming patterns, completed two guitar books (with over 30 songs), and now I’m learning to finger pick – ready for some lead guitar action. I have also achieved a healthy dose of confidence thanks to her gentle encouragement that is essential for performance.

If you were thinking of starting lessons with Laura, I would say go for it. Laura has a lot of music qualifications under her belt so she has a lot of knowledge to impart if you want to learn.  Lesson structure is always good and you always feel like you’ve tackled something new each week. I still love getting a tick against a song in our guitar book, once it’s mastered. I’ve been learning for a year and when I think about where I was and where I am now I can’t believe it really. I’ve come a long way in 52 lessons!

Laura tailors her teaching to your learning behaviour.  She’s more like a friend, but always professional. Lessons are relaxing and we always get the giggles over something! I look forward to my lesson every week.

One day, I would love to do open mic nights, join a band or just play for friends and family.

Caroline from Mytchett