Sarah // Farnham

“I started learning the guitar 10 months ago after years of thinking about it.  I am so pleased with the progress made in this time.  Laura is great to work with – with her help I was able to pass my grade one with flying colours after just 6 months and I am now very much looking forward to the challenge of grade 2.  Laura is a very knowledgeable and highly qualified musician and I have absolute confidence in the techniques and theory being taught. She makes the lessons enjoyable  and varied covering a range of musical styles – ones that she knows I will like but also some that are new to me to demonstrate various techniques/sounds.  She goes at just the right pace for me – enough to stretch my skills and interest but not to overwhelm – a pace that I feel comfortable with and can keep up with.
I am so pleased that I finally took up the guitar and have found an excellent teacher and am very much enjoying my musical journey”.

Sarah, Farnham